Unleash the full Bytewax Capabilities with Kubernetes

Deploy the Bytewax Platform on Kubernetes in the cloud, on-premises, locally, or on edge devices and get the full benefits of stream processing even in environments where stream processing wasn't possible - until now!

Edge deployment

Bytewax runs on K3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution optimized for edge environments, enhancing IoT applications by enabling local data processing, reducing latency, and improving data privacy. Deploying Bytewax on K3s provides seamless container orchestration and scaling, boosting system reliability and efficiency for time-sensitive IoT applications.


Bytewax can be deployed on Kubernetes across all cloud platforms, streamlining data stream processing orchestration and scaling. Utilizing Kubernetes' automatic container management and scaling enhances system resilience and flexibility, enabling efficient resource management and improved uptime in cloud environments.

Local & On-Premises

Bytewax can be deployed on local machines or on-premises servers, allowing full control over data and processing environments without cloud dependency. This deployment strategy enhances data security and compliance, ideal for development, testing, and production where cloud use is not feasible, offering robust container orchestration and scaling.