Virtual Machine

Use waxctl to run your Bytewax Dataflow on a VM

With Bytewax's powerful command line tool waxctl you can easily deploy and manage dataflows on AWS EC2, GCP, or Azure - with just one command.

Deploy your dataflows on the most popular VMs

Deploying software should be straightforward and enjoyable. That's why we developed waxctl—a command line tool that simplifies deployment. With just one command, waxctl deploys your code across a cluster, scaling your locally tested applications effortlessly. It supports AWS EC2, Azure Virtual Machines, and Google Compute Engine, allowing you to focus on rapid application development.

Easily manage your dataflows

Waxctl enhances your ability to manage and debug dataflows directly from your terminal, streamlining your coding workflow for faster iteration. This command line tool lets you test dataflows locally, refine them in an ephemeral environment, and smoothly transition to production. Waxctl provides a seamless experience from local development to deployment.

Waxctl on Amazon EC2