Pure Python

Run Bytewax
anywhere Python runs

As a Python-native stream processor, Bytewax offers unmatched versatility in data streaming.

Run Bytewax directly
in Jupyter Notebook or Colab

It's just Python. Run Bytewax anywhere Python runs even in Jupyter Notebook or Google Colab. The Python-centric approach makes it comfortable for data scientists to experiment with and adjust their stream processing code interactively. Utilizing Python’s extensive libraries and tools, users can visualize and manipulate data streams effortlessly in a live environment, ideal for rapid prototyping and data exploration.

Works with your favorite IDE and Copilot

Bytewax integrates smoothly with popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code and PyCharm. Increase productivity with type hints, autocomplete and AI-driven coding assistants such as GitHub Copilot

Deeply integrate Bytewax into your products

Bytewax can be embedded deeply into your products, providing robust real-time data processing capabilities. Ideal for applications in IoT, real-time analytics, or interactive platforms, Bytewax enhances responsiveness and functionality, adaptable to meet specific project needs with its Python-native framework.