Powerful & easy CLI for deploying your dataflows

Waxctl is the powerful command line tool for deploying and managing Bytewax dataflows.
You can deploy to cloud instances like EC2 or to a kubernetes cluster.
Waxctl is free to use and integrates with the platform making upgrading to the platform
a no-brainer when you are ready.

Run it locally, scale it remotely

Deploying shouldn't be a convoluted path with a bunch of dashboards, authentication steps, random button clicks, remembering esoteric commands. Speed of deployment is critical and making it smooth keeps building fun.

That's why we built waxctl so you can deploy the same code you ran locally across a cluster of machines with a single command.

Manage and debug from the comfort of your terminal

Waxctl keeps you in the terminal so you can focus on writing code with a tight iteration loop. Test it locally, deploy it to an ephemeral environment on AWS, debug it remotely, and then deploy to a production cluster.

Download waxctl

Waxctl is the Bytewax command line interface to manage dataflows in a Kubernetes cluster. Read more about the waxctl in documentation.